Gene regulatory networks are crucial for understanding the mechanism of gene expression regulation and expression heterogeneity. GRNdb is a freely accessible and user-friendly database for conveniently exploring and visualizing the predicted regulatory networks formed by transcription factors (TFs) and downstream target genes (termed regulons) based on large-scale RNA-seq data as well as the known TF-target relationships for various human and mouse conditions.

All the regulations in GRNdb are predicted from the omics data rather than being experimentally determined. Users can easily search, browse, and download the TF-target pairs and corresponding motifs of a variety of conditions at the single-cell or bulk level, as well as investigate the expression profile of a list of genes simultaneously and analyze the association between gene expression level and the patients' survival of diverse TCGA cancers. We will continue to update GRNdb and add more datasets for different organisms.

RNAInter Outline

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